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Realise and Priotise

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God is good, great and is the best, all the days, years and time that goes on and forth. God is great. Hehe, God is BAE and that is exactly where we should place him in our lives, Before Anyone Else. " For God shows no partiality. "
Friends and Family. These are the people who occupy our minds and lives more than we think they do. Acquaintances, those who surround us, play as much as a role in influencing our behaviours as much as our friends and family do. We all need love, attention and affection. We all need care, protection and the presence of those we love.
The greatest disappointments come from those we think most highly of. This is due to the fact that we expect so much from those who we believe to know us well. The higher the expectations, the harder the disappointment once it happens. All wounds leave scars.
Forgiving is not forced upon oneself because nobody can control how deep the wound gets. Forgetting is a blessing but also a sort of myth because people don't really forget, they just don't bother to remember. Only when the caps fit and the occasion arises will one remember the hurt once caused on them, will this mean that they are holding grudges and can't forgive? I believe it's because they are learning lessons from new teachers and the ought to refer to the previous notes.
We get what we give and we should learn from what we receive. We ought to learn from our mistakes but who likes taking notes of pain, betrayal, regret and anguish?
People might not always be what they were, are or supposed to be. It might be their fault or yours, most important of things is that it all happens for a reason.
Don't restrain yourself from airing your views, you know not whom will be benefited by them.Jesus said, He who gives will receive ten times fold and pressed down until it over flows. As we give, we may be focusing on the wrong thing in terms of getting as we give, we might expect that the first people to benefit from that are ourselves. If you give for selfish motives, you are punishing your soul to bear down the selfishness that you have impacted on humanity.
I believe that we were all born pure. The lives we live, moulded us into survival beings. Survival for the fittest because the weakest get naturally selected. Selected for extinction and downfall. Selected for being oppressed, undermined and subjected to pain and negativity by the fit. The weak suffer most in the hands of the strong for that is how one climbs and stays at the pinnacle.
Fuel needs to burn for a lamp to stay lit. Tears need to be shed once in a while for the soul to be neat. Ideas need to be shared without being fought against. People need to be loved by those who mean the world to them. I believe in Karma and in the spirituality of good deeds. For it is not God who hurts us, it is our own deeds.
Invest in the right people but be open to making mistakes. You can not remember something you have never learnt. Be open to advise, honesty and modesty. Become your dream. Then pen it down for the world to read.



realizing to prioritize is a class we can not dodge but expecting less can save  us from burning inside. we should wish more and expect less to save ourselves from being the victims of the natural selection. Is it that the loving, kind and passionate ones naturally selected to receive the torment of disappointment and betrayal?




Be who you are, to make yourself better. Stop using your present to get over your past, that is going to destroy your future and waste your time. Embrace your past, learn and grow from it. As fast as you keep on running, the memories will keep on chasing you.

Nothing lasts forever and forever is not going to last. Growing up is not easy but that doesn't make your path harder than the rest, because as much as you have untold stories locked away inside of you, so does everybody else you know. Nobody is extremely happy, everyday, one step at a time, we all try to at least smile.

It is not about how much you get out of something, how much you give, invest and devote yourself into it, that's what makes it beautiful. We all have something to make us sad and wail all day long about, but that doesn't mean our lives should revolve around them. It means that our minds should learn, grow and prosper. Taking steps forward, towards the streak of light, up to that window or door that leads to the grass that we feel is greener for us. That, is winning. And you, my sister or brother, you are a winner.

Why should you live for others? Why are others living your life? Why let them? Why respect theirs? Your world is their world yet you never cross their orbital lines. Being alive, living and surviving are as coral blue, deep blue and hazel blue. They are different shades of the same truth. That doesn't make them similar it just makes them if the same kind. Blue. Breathing. Being in existence.

Words are immortality, memories are visibility and legacies, legacies are the only things differentiating every body else with the extra ordinary. Be the person that people will think about for no and for every reason. Do what your heart aches for, not aches on. Don't cut off your own air supply and suffer the sulkiness of self induced suffocation.

You can't force people to see things in your way, so save your energy and stop convincing them. Your life is yours for the living. Stop putting it on hold, it is not guaranteed and it is a one time package. No chances for rehearsal, no scene cut out for a perfect tape. The input you invest is not always but relevantly proportional to the output to be harnessed.

The world nor The Lord, limit you. Your mind is doing that for you. Breaking through all your negativity is the breakthrough to navigate you. Don't stop digging for the sake of how loud the earth is getting with every blow, for you don't know how far you are from your mine of gold. You need to know what makes you happy and feel successful. Stop wasting your life and start living it. Today.

As you find a purpose within you, invest in it. Create it. Perfect it. Enjoy it. As you feel proud about your success. Pen it, for the whole world to read it. Literature is immortal. My words, my power.

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Shrek is an animation film that is about an ogre and a princess, heir to the throne of her father's kingdom. In the first film of the Shrek movie series that is Shrek Part 1, the princess, Fiona is rescued from a tower by an ogre, Shrek. Their journey back to her kingdom is filled with a lot of twists and turns which teach both of them different lessons. Shrek learns how to interact with human beings for the first time in his life and Fiona, far from the castle and the tower, she is forced to trust, talk to and know more about the hideous companion that she is with. As a triumph from those tribulations, they saw in each other what the others failed to see and with that, they fell in love and got married.

  Marriage as simple as it is supposed to be, for Shrek and Fiona, it was a complicated issue. A Princess getting married to an ogre was regarded as preposterous and the King and Queen, Fiona's parents along with the whole kingdom, were not pleased by the idea. Fiona fought hard for the love she had in her heart over Shrek and gave up her human form and the right of being heir to the royal crown. She became an ogre, lived as a commoner and married the love of her life.

The first step of being happy is appreciating who you are and what you have. You ought to appreciate life in all its dimensions. Appreciating life requires taking care of your own life and all the lives that are around you, especially those of which you hold ransom to. Appreciation is a key. Living is the door, as you appreciate while you live, every step of the staircase becomes easier to bear and the climb begins at a steady pace, one step at a time.

Why do you do what you know? Do you really know what you do? Why do you say what you feel? Do you  think what you feel should be said? Who are you? What are you? Why are you? When are you? How are you? Where are you? Are you lost? On the right track, hopefully.

Optimism is a glass half full, full of hope, dreams and potential. Positivity is a glass to be refilled, up until it overflows over its brim. Fear can make you bleed, the hypertension due to over heightened adrenaline production may also lead to blood vessel rupture. Pain is worse, it eats you up inside, literally results to hurt, pain is real, pain is ache. You have lived through a thousand lives, a thousand loves and a thousand lies. You have lived through what you term as ' the worst ' but every new hope, feels like a fresh start. How does anybody stop loving, stop caring and just stops needing?

Pessimism is acidic, corrodes and may destroy creativity. Negativity is a cancer and only proper therapy can heal it. If you keep on making the same mistakes, why don't you actually learn? Is it because you are expecting to be right? Why can't you avoid probabilities of being wrong?

In the midst of all worries and life's challenges, we all need to be happy, to stop acting like we live twice, to take matters into hand. To get ourselves what our heart desires. One step at a time. No formulae. No doubt. No fear. No memories. No regrets. No pain. No tears. No worries. Just, Life. We need to stop acting and to start living. Live like there a lot of things that need to be fixed by our current ways of life. We need to prioritise, get our responsibilities straight. Best of all, We need to get our smiles in place. We need a happy thought as we close our eyes, every single night as we lay our heads to rest.
We need to Love.




Hard work is a virtue that everybody needs to be equipped with. Hard work is more than a temporary situation. It needs to be a permanent character. It is a qualitative factor for it is defined by individuals depending on their daily activities focused on survival. Mental input versus Physical input is a constant debate but in reality, both require one's sacrifice of energy and time with a healthy input of concentration, tactics and achievement of tasks.

Hard work is challenged by poor structure of the energy being put in by the individual. This might be due to procrastination, distractions, poor focus, weak goals, minimal resources, poor motivation and poor reward pathways towards short term achievements, to mention a few.

A recipe is a guidance. It acts like a map, an instructor or better yet a compass. Hard work merely channels your energy towards what you aim to achieve. Hard work does not necessarily imply success, it increases the chances at succeeding. Hard work is a tasty spice to a hot meal in the making. It makes the whole dish have a pleasant odor and that motivates the cook and every body else who is to eat the meal.

Those who work the hardest, don't always achieve the best. Those who work the smartest, frequently out win the rest. Hard work must involve strategy, goals, discipline and awards. Comparison weakens one's morals. In each race, individuals need to be focused on their particular finish line and avoid being distracted by how fast or how slow the others are running. Distractions are cancers to high achievements. Relaxations, vacations and refreshments replenish one's energy for stronger striving towards success.

Individuals need to invest in being alive as they work for a living. Constant unwavered focus on success without allowing one self to rest, robs an individual of irreplaceable moments to enjoy life. We only live once. Work needs to be accompanied by fun. We need to be engaged to activities within scopes of interest and if not, we need to seek mind blowing interest in the activities we engage in. Love what you do and do what you love. Life is for those who are alive and strive to live.

Hard work is beautiful but even much more is Love. Never substitute Love with check lists of daily routines. These routines are never ending and usually constant. Love on the other end, it's a beautiful appetizer to joy and happiness. What is success if you can't enjoy it with people who make you feel alive?

Motivation, Discipline, Success, Love, Laughs, Life, Peace and Fun with sense of purpose and most of all indestructable Faith in A Greater Supernatural Power are amazing ingredients to this crucial life's recipe.

Every meal needs an optimum quantity of ingredients. In all we do, we need to learn our limits and preserve them. Go, cook, eat, Live.




Success is defined by achieving a certain goal that one has tasked his or herself with. In order to appreciate the accomplishment of something to be done, one needs to sort the purposes behind the particular task. Purpose is beautiful. We were all created for a purpose and purposely. We all have purposes that we owe to our existence. Be it, short term, long term, for oneself, for a group of people, social, political, religious, economical, with or without self gain, we all need to know and pursue our purposes.

Some individuals realise their purpose early in their lives, early budding, while others, a bit late, late budding and some, the latest but it is never the least, for it is to my belief that one does not cease to exist, until he or she fulfills his or her purpose. Purpose makes one feel alive and important if at all the individual sees the bigger and better picture in what one does. For those who are lucky to have the opportunity to do what they love and love what they do, they easily realise, invest and beautify theirs purposes on a daily basis but as for those who feel like they are yet to discover their purposes, patience is an essential virtue.

Fear has many effects in our individual lives, families, societies and world as well. As one fears, one's mind and body creates mechanisms towards such fear, either as a preventive or defensive act. Fear is due to different factors such as emotional distress, physical threat, psychological disorder and spiritual uncertainty. Emotional distress as a root cause of fear is mainly due to experience. Such experience maybe due to things that we have seen, heard and/or felt that has had an emotional impact to an individual causing a distress that results to fear.

Fear blinds one from the pursuing and achieving his or her purpose when and where the person is supposed to do so. Fear leads to procrastination and disappointment. Some times, fear is wise. It prevents one from taking unworthy risks that have more damage than benefit. Fear facilitates purpose. As one of the driving forces to acting, fear may push an individual to actually fulfilling something that had to be done. Fear of failure, guilt, disapproval, disappointment, loss, pain and many other negative emotions, subconsciously motivates an individual to strive on achieving greatness that results to positive rewards.

Everything happens for a reason and everything is ordered to happen at the right time. There is a greater force in all the things that revolve around us in our lives. We all need to be patient, focused and have faith. For purpose is beautiful and even more is HE who has it all planned out for us.




Love is beautiful, untainted and highly challenged. Love is patient, it knows the right time for the right thing in the right way. Love is kind, it is sweet, caring and warm. Love is not selfish, it is selfless and aims to make your loved one's joy a priority. Love is thoughtful, it knows when to act, how and why. Love is not rude, it is always full of smiles and aims to stay that way. Love is not irritable, it might get scary, may lead to hurt, but should always lead to a beautiful heart. Love believes the best, it believes in trust, peace and at times a bit of lust. Love is not jealous, it does not ask why, who, what, when and or where, it feels protected once invested and replicated.

Love makes good impressions, it aims to bring sunshine and happiness, makes one's grass the greenest. Love is unconditional, it knows not its limits, once the fire is lit, it may burn to the farthest reach. Love cherishes, it celebrates the good, aims in creating better, accomplishes the best. Love lets the other win, lets another feel important, special and worthy.Love fights fair, it should not involve dirty tricks or any kind of abuse. Love takes delight, it searches for the silver lining in every dark cloud. Love is honorable, full of respect, responsibility and positive activities. Love intercedes, it solves all misunderstandings and thirsts to be contagious.

Love promotes intimacy, it makes one thirst to spend time knowing and investing on another with positivity and excitement. Love seeks to understand, it listens, advises, purifies and straightens what is to be solved. Love may feel impossible, for it overwhelms and outbursts for it is heaven sent. Love is Jesus Christ, it needs to celebrate its origin and the highest source of demonstration.

Love is satisfied in God, For God so loved the world that He gave His only son so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but may have eternal life. Love is faithful for Love always protects. Love forgives, it takes responsibility and is responsible. Love encourages the good, Love makes sacrifices for better and Love is motivation for the best. Love brings unity, it trains two hearts how to work as one in beauty and compliance.

Love and marriage, in one serving results to the most tasty life time meal. Love meets sexual needs when it is between two people who trust and respect one another, both, in respect of their faith. Love completes each other, it is should never be unquenched for it flourishes once in whole. Love celebrates godliness in honour, worship and praise. Love is accountable, should always be depended on in accomplishing one's needs. Love is God's word, for God made Love with a careful plan that began with "Let there be light", for HE knew how bright the Power of Love is.

Love agrees in prayer. Love fulfills dreams. Love endures. Love is a covenant. Love is made.




Fun is how one defines it. It is a qualitative and a highly essential factor in every individual's daily life. Every sunrise, side to side with the to - do list and time schedules, fun needs to be incorporated in one way or the other. Fun is any activity that positively stimulates an individual's reward pathways under influence of the person's emotions inflicted upon by the experience of that particular activity. Fun is amazing. It leads one to learning different ways to enjoy life or different enjoyments to one way of life.

Fun can be anything either physical, mental and/ or emotional depending on one's interest, mood and personality. It is easily influenced by peer pressure. It may be intervened by social perceptions and one may pursue fun for social acceptance and motivate sense of self worth and higher self esteem.

Fun that is portrayed by social networks and celebrity music videos is usually unhealthy and sexual oriented. Individuals feel that they need to dress good, drink expensive wine and bubbly strawberry champagne to feel happy. Forgetting how beautiful riding against the wind and playing in the rain used to feel. The ladies feel the need to dress themselves with almost nothing, post pictures that will in the long run destroy their reputation to satisfy their mental definition of fun. As for the teens and youth, the better the gadget, the faster one drives and the higher one gets on weed, drugs and alcohol, are unfortunately among the basics of being defined as cool one is assumed to be and is unconsciously used as objectives of how much fun one is said to be having.

You Only Live Once but so is dying. You only have one body and one heart per a single life time. We need to stop risking our selves to satisfy our selves. We need to respect ourselves for we create the legacies that we leave as we live. The better we live, the better we leave and the more we leave better things. We need to focus on better change, development side to side with enjoyment and having fun.

Fun is not forced upon. One decides to have fun in what he or she is doing. Sometimes our doings are optional while sometimes circumstantial but in all dimensions of its definition, just like Love, Fun is made. Individuals need to define fun depending on who they really are. Fun is not meant to make one suffer, if it does, it is unsuitable. Fun should not make one poorer, if it does, it is venomous. Fun should not make one irresponsible, inactive and disrespected, for that is dangerous and cancerous. Fun must not hinder your worship, dreams, short and long term achievement, for that is suicide.

We are born to enjoy in one way or the other. Don't limit your mind, life and joy in your heart. Go ahead, initiate, have fun, enjoy, live life and watch life unfold in beauty as it goes.


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